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                Home > About us > R&D

                As an OEM/ODM vendor specializes in barcode scanner & scan engine products, we consider R&D capability to be our core competitive strength. Our independent hardware and software R&D also helps to assure prompt responses to different customization requirements, and to provide better service for our customers.

                • R&D

                  ? Professional in software development for embedded systems and desktop computer.
                  ? Expertise in all kinds of barcode standard including 1-D and 2-D barcodes.
                  ? Prompt response to software customization requirements for barcode application.

                • Overview

                  ? Our engineers are from first-class universities
                  ? We have 7 years of R&D experience
                  ? We develop software and hardware by ourselves
                  ? Well-equipped R&D laboratory with world-class testing equipments





















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