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                Home > Services&Support > Warranty

                Warranty Info

                  The Mindeo products are covered by a 15-month-period warranty for the product case from the date of purchase and lifelong maintenances. There is no service charge for repair within the warranty period. Charges are only applied to replacement components and labor cost.


                  Free of charge maintenance are NOT applicable to the following circumstances (verified by the manufacturer):
                  1. Exceed the warranty period.
                  2. Product is dissembled or the mirror is broken.
                  3. Misuse of the product or falsely assembling of the product.
                  4. Serial number is altered or mismatching of the warranty card.
                  5. False handling of the product, such as swamped into water.
                  6. Damaged by Flooding, fire and lightning strike any natural calamity.
                  7. Working or storage environment such as temperature or humidity do NOT satisfy the corresponding "product user guide" requirement.

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